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Slope Soaring
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JR XP652 Tx

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Where I live in the South Cotswolds, I'm lucky enough to have five public-access flying sites available to me.

I fly several gliders, including a zagi and two boxy slope soarers. Links on the left to the South Cotswold Soaring Society, the BMFA, and the JR computer transmitter I use.

Here's a few pictures of my gliders-

Irvine Pixie- a tiny 1m wingspan glider-

501rich2.jpg (29466 bytes)pixievlucht.jpg (13841 bytes)

An Osprey I bought 2nd Hand- 8ft wingspan with brakes- flown for the first time this year and apart from a bit of re-balancing needed, flew very nicely indeed.

ospray2.jpeg (17137 bytes)



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