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JR XP652 Tx
SCSA BMFA JR XP652 Tx Weather






With JR's six channel XP652, you don't need to be a computer expert to get the best out of your models. The three programmable mixes enable you to dial out any unwanted interaction between the main flight controls , whilst the five model memory allows you to fly your fleet from just one transmitter. And thanks to the 652's '2 in 1 system' some of these could be helicopters - just call up heli mode and the XP652 becomes a versatile helicopter set. It is fully compatible with all other JR systems too, past and present. Simply select PPM, ZPCM or the very latest SPCM to match the JR receivers in your existing aeroplanes.

System Features
6 channels - Servo reverse - Dual rates
Sub-trim - Data reset - User defined stick mode - 5 model memory - Travel adjustment - Model naming - PCM failsafe - Trainer system - 2 model types (aeroplane/helicopter) - Exponential rates - Trim memory - Battery alarm - PPM/ZPCM/SPCM modulation

Special Helicopter Features
Programmable mix - Three point throttle curve - Rudder offset - Flight mode switch for throttle curve, pitch curve, rates and gyro sensitivity - Throttle hold with offset - Three point pitch curve - Stunt trim - Revo mix - CCPM swashplate mixing (120)


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