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Welcome to Richard's 'morph' website. You'll find pages and links connected with archery, electronics, motorcycling, BMW bikes, Slope Soaring and more.

Welcome to the morph pages

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-morphic- Adjectival suffix denoting form or shape (e.g. actinomorphic, ectomorphic, metamorphic, polymorphic). Noun form: -morphism (e.g. metamorphism, polymorphism) or -morphy (e.g. actinomorphy, ectomorphy). See also *-morph.

-morpho- (morph- before vowels) Prefix denoting form, shape, or structure (e.g. morphogenesis, morphology, morphallaxis).

-polymorphous- adj. (also polymorphic) passing through various forms in successive stages of development.


Motivation for the inception of the morph homepages was primarily to gain experience with HTML. Please note that these pages are optimised for Microsoft IE4/5/6. Originally these pages resided with a demon.co.uk domain, but unfortunately had to be moved.

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